FTP: Unable to find retrieve directory listing

Hi, I have been trying to connect through a FTP client to transfer some files to the main site. After the login is successful it fails to retrieve the directory files. What do I do to fix this? I tried using filezilla and cyberduck

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Welcome @RS1234

Try following the instructions here: Loading Data > Galaxy FTP Upload

Prior Q&A that includes even more help + troubleshooting: Search results for 'ftp-upload' - Galaxy Community Help

If that doesn’t work, please provide more details:

  1. Where are you working? URL if a public Galaxy server (sounds like it is). Describe if other
  2. What is the “host” name entered into Filezilla + Cyberduck. Note we can only check if this is correct for public Galaxy servers. If at a non-public server, you should contact the server admins for help – there are many ways to configure this function.



I have entered the host name as usegalaxy.org. I’m using the public galaxy server usegalaxy.org only