FTP ERROR: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I am trying to upload using the FTP server but I cannot proceed because of this kind of error: Failed to retrieve directory listing. Prior to that error, there is this response: 425 Unable to build data connection: Operation not permitted. Is there any way I can do to solve these errors?
I am really hoping for your immediate response on this matter.
Thank you.


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Hello @jsscbwng

Few questions:

  1. Are you working at a public Galaxy server? Which (URL)?
  2. Have you transferred data via FTP to this server successfully before, or is this your first try?



Testing at a few public Galaxy servers:

  1. usegalaxy.org – up and running
  2. usegalaxy.eu – appears to be problematic. The FTP server URL to use for this server is still “ftp://galaxy.uni-freiburg.de”. See this prior Q&A for details: UseGalaxy.eu FTP Server

I asked at the usegalaxy.eu Gitter chat if there are any known issues. Due to the time difference, they may not reply immediately (here or there): https://gitter.im/usegalaxy-eu/Lobby?at=5e3daf471d23aa47aafe5ac8

If the server usegalaxy.eu is not where you are having trouble, please clarify the server URL where you are working.


  1. Many public Galaxy servers, including any of the usegalaxy.* public servers, will accept “locally browsed” files that are over 2 GB in size in the Upload tool now. The success depends somewhat on the data size (per file) and your internet connection speed.
  2. Data can be publically somewhere else and the URL(s) pasted into the Upload tool.
  3. FTP is more robust, but if unavailable for some reason, options 1 & 2 above are the alternatives.

FAQ: Loading Data > https://galaxyproject.org/ftp-upload/

  • The FTP client Filezilla will work best when using all default settings. A secure connection is still established. Be sure to accept the pop-up certificates. These can appear multiple times, once for the original connection then often once per file.