upload from FTP gives: bad request (400)

hi there, I uploaded to usegalaxy.org some fasta files with mozilla, but when I click to start the import of those file in the ‘choose FTP file’ I get a warning: bad request (400) error. tried to reupload those files with filezilla but still the same error. can someone help me?

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I can confirm this is broken, probably due to today’s update of Galaxy. I believe we will fix it tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This looks to be fixed now to me, just uploaded a file. Please give it a try now.

Update: We are still having a bit of trouble.

Please see our gitter chat post for details now, and how to check for updates ongoing: https://gitter.im/galaxyproject/Lobby?at=5d83aca2e45b6d47321e5164

But if anything is unclear, can always ask here.