Problem facing during file transfer from ftp to galaxy web server

as i am beginner to this field, i am facing problem to upload files(fasta,fastq) via ftp. i installed filezilla to transfer file to the online galaxy web server for my analysis. i had a successful connection of filezilla with my galaxy account and uploaded the file to ftp. but the problem is that when i went back to galaxy server to upload my files, its showing “ftp directory does not contain any file”. please help me to resolve this problem. your response will be appreciated.

Hi @majidmuhammad

Double-check the URL for the server you connected to. Your data is almost certainly there if the connection went through Ok otherwise. My guess is that it is a different Galaxy server than the one you are checking.

Each Galaxy server will have a different URL to use for FTP. It is usually the base URL for the server’s website, but not always. When different, which URL to use is sometimes noted on the home page of the server and sometimes at the server’s page here (if a known public Galaxy server):

If not listed there, contact the admins of the server to find out what it is (and confirm that FTP is set-up at all – and if working). Contact information is usually noted at one or both of these same places.

Note: Many public Galaxy servers do not even require FTP at all anymore. Files over 2 GB can be loaded and interrupted connections resumed directly in the Upload tool. So, you could give that a try as well.

If you cannot get files to loaded directly or figure either of these out ( -1 the ftp URL or -2 contact info), write back with the URL of the server and we can probably help.

FAQ for reference: Loading Data

Worth mentioning: Data loaded by FTP is held for about 3 days after transfer (can vary by server). So that could also be a factor to double check.


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Hi, Bundle of thanks for reply. i double-checked my URL and i am using the same galaxy server URL for uploading file via FTP. but the problem is sustained as it was. i also tried to load directly from upload tool and its showing the same problem “File exceeds 2GB. Please use a FTP client”.

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What server are you working at? URL?

Even though you post was tagged being at Galaxy Main, this error from the Upload tool would not be given, so you are working somewhere else.

Example server URL:

What is entered into Filezilla:

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