Internal Server Error (500) and 504

Hi, I am struggling with data upload from last week and getting this error repeatedly. Could you please help me regarding this? I am using Some times it stops at 98%… Moreover, FTP upload is also not working for me.

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How large are the files you are uploading and what is the source?

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Hi Marten

The file are fastqsanger about 35 gb each. I am also not able to connect through ftp or web-web transfer.



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What is web-web transfer? To me this looks like you might have connectivity problems on your network. Could you please check with your admin whether the network can be doing some FTP blocking?


I’m not sure what this means but will take some guesses. Correct or supply more details if this doesn’t help (share how the error is reported).

If you are able to connect/transfer at all with the Upload tool, large data transfers can fail sometimes due to slower internet connection speeds. The data could be of size 300 MB or 40 GB – but if the “local file browsing” upload times out, try FTP instead.

If you are able to connect at all with FTP (no firewall issues), it can work even for slower connections. When a connection drops in the middle of a file, the transfer can be resumed. Try using default settings with the tool Filezilla. Be aware that you will be prompted with pop-ups to accept the security certificate every time you reconnect.


It might also help to compare your FTP problems with prior Q&A:

  • A thread where there was a login problem with Filezilla/FTP due to incorrect credentials or target server entry: FTP Connecting Using FileZilla 530 Error

  • A thread where the uploaded data was very large (too large to load in one file). There is a maximum file size of 50 GB for any upload method. We’ve seen BAMs as large as 45-50 GB load now but the other help details still apply: FTP Upload stops after 70G

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