Galaxy A53 won't turn on driving mode automatically

So I’m new here. I love forums for help and to help when I can.
I use Verizon and the Message + app for text messaging. I just got a new Galaxy A53. I can turn on Driving Mode manually at any time to send an auto reply if someone texts me. The problem is it will always send an auto reply as long as it’s turned on whether I’m driving or not, so I have to turn it on when I drive, then turn it back off when I get out of my car. I want it to turn on automatically when it connects to my car stereo, and turn back off automatically when it disconnects. My Galaxy S8 did that and it worked very good. I don’t know what settings to change to make it do that. I’ve tried everything except what works obviously… Can anyone here help me solve this problem?

Thank you so much!

Hello, this forum is made for the scientific open source galaxy project. This is a webapplication that makes bioinformatics tools easily accessible. It looks like you have question about a samsung galaxy phone. This forum has nothing to do with the phones :slightly_smiling_face:

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