debug communication server




Can some one help or tell me how I can check what goes wrong with the communication server. In my galaxy.yml I have:

  # Galaxy real time communication server settings
  enable_communication_server: true

  # Galaxy real time communication server settings

  # Galaxy real time communication server settings
  communication_server_port: 7070

I enabled it in preferences > Change communication settings > Enable communication

If I go to I see a chat screen where I can type in and send messages.

The problem is that the chat icon does not appear. I am currently not using a proxy.

If I change this to my actual ip adres the icon appears but the chat window is empty (a white square)


It turned out that even I only see a white window if my I hover over it with my mouse the cursor changes in the “typing” cursor and if I type something and press enter I see my message appear at the adress. Is it a CSS problem?

I solved my problem, I still hope if some one can confirm if this is the proper way.

I simply need to add opacity: 1 !important; to base.css (I did !important because for now this is a quick fix)


Thanks for updating the post with your fix – I’ll make sure this makes its way into the codebase now.