Galaxy API "GET" query: error message and troubleshooting


I have a problem getting the error message from the galaxy. I am using histories/{historyId}/contents/{contentId}, but when I get the error message(misc info field of JSON), the message is cropped.

Do you know why this is happening?

Can you post either a screenshot of the truncated text, or the truncated text itself? That might give people an insight into why this is happening. Also, what command are you running?

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Thank you for your response.

Yes of course. Here is a screenshot of the message.

The truncated message is in the misc_info field of the JSON.

I am making an API call at Galaxy. The method I call is:
GET /api/histories/{history_id}/contents/{id}

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The error is IOError: No such file. This seems like a problem in your tool - that it cannot find its inputs or something else it needs. Is that tool’s code somewhere we can see?

You should be able to see the full message if you access it from UI instead of a Postman client or using a job API. I think the full error is stored on the job object, the history dataset object misc_info only has 255 characters in database.

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