Galaxy job handler not processing jobs

Hello All,
After a crash and reboot jobs now get stuck in runaway status and stuck in queue but never processed. I was wondering where I can look to see why the jobs are not being processing after being queued into “waiting to run,” status.
I can see the file being created in the database but it never gains any size and even a small upload will sit for over 48 hours.
thank you again!

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And we’ll be getting back to you about this question. Dealing with some of our own server issues first :slight_smile:

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So i remembered one thing that I did before the crashed on me. There’s a check box in the admin page for locking jobs from dispatching. How can I check it’s really off. It says unlocked but is there somewhere under the linux directory files I should check?

thank you!

Missed this, sorry. Will ping our pro admins to help with the question on Monday.

I personally don’t know the answer … but might be in our docs somewhere. Try a search if haven’t resolved this yet, might be quicker than waiting: