Jobs not running

Hi all, this morning I started to notice some problems runnings jobs. I launched three different jobs and 1 hour later all of them are still on queue…I can’t even load simple data. Does anyone know if there has been any general problems??
Thanks! David.

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Update: seems to be Ok now. Maybe try again?

Hi @David_Olivares_Osuna

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What to do until there is feedback:

  1. The server status does indicate there could be some issue.

  2. I started a test history here using several different upload methods. All are currently queued for me as well completed by now. Galaxy | Europe

  3. Leaving jobs queued is probably the best way forward until more is known. Upload jobs that involve local data are the exception since those require a live/active connection – anything that ends up failing will need a rerun.

Thanks for reporting the issue!


we had some storage issues with the job working directories, resulting in huge IO and wait times of our job scheduling.
It should be better now and should get better in the next few hours. We will buy some new hardware in the next months to prevent this in the future.

Thanks for using Galaxy and your understanding,

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