Gemini Load error in variant calling

I am following the variant calling tutorial and wanted to make use of deepvariant instead of FreeBayes and the Gemini Load keeps giving me an error. Can someone please advise?

Hi @Nevada_Nel

Which exact tutorial? The link please. I’d like to test it or review to see if the tutorial data is appropriate for this tool (or server).

And what is the exact error and what do the inputs look like? Find this by clicking on the “i” dataset details icon for the red error dataset. If you expand the dataset 116 on that view, and the red output dataset, and the job logs, you could screenshot all of those sections and post that back. You could also generate a shared history link and post that back, along with the screenshots or instead. We like details! :mechanic:

These guides explain more about how to find and review job logs, for your own troubleshooting and for us to help here.

And, you could switch to using a tutorial that already includes Gemini. There are four, see the bottom of the tool form but also directly here. There are some recommended pre-processing steps that might not be included in other protocols.

Let’s start there, thanks! :slight_smile: