Help installing Galaxy on a multi-user production environment

Hello, I managed to install Galaxy locally in our cluster for my user, after reading the online tutorials for production environment at, I couldn’t install a working instance of it so it can be publicly accessible to the community at a public URL. It is very hard to do it and I am actually scared I may ruin all our other web services (wordpress, sequenceserver and Rstudio-server). I do not know how to install a PostgreSQL and link that to Galaxy, without ruining the website I am currently hosting using apache and wordpress, if anybody has some experience in this topic I can really use some advice as I am lost in the Galaxy documentation on this topic. Does someone know where may I find help?

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postgresql can create any number of databases, and Galaxy will use its own, completely unrelated to any other that wordpress/sequenceserver/etc may use.

If there are multiple web services offered by the server you can have them at different addresses e.g. and

I understand it may seem complicated, and you can surely break things if you don’t know what you are doing, but it is entirely possible to do it without any issues. I recommend you reach out to a local administrator to help you with it.

Thank you Martin, I will see what can be done, unfortunately I am the only administrator of our bioinformatics cluster, we are located at Buenos Aires Faculty of Medicine in Argentina, I was searching for any colleague but I could not find a public galaxy instance in my country, do you know about anyone?

I wanted to also let you know that this is our infrastructure and website I was talking about:

And the objective will be to deploy a galaxy server at as you mentioned above.

And also if possible set it up to work with Slurm as we are running a rockscluster with centos and slurm.

Would you suggest me to follow this 2 approaches:



or may I think in implementing something like this?

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I am not aware of Argentina based Galaxy, sorry. :confused:

Slurm is a good friend of Galaxy, they are often deployed together. The docs.galaxyproject… links are the way to go, I am not sure if kickstart would be of good use to you.

Lately the best practice recommended by Galaxy admins is to use Ansible for deployment, and that is what our trainings usually work with: These are very good resources for Galaxy admins.

Also come hang out with us at to troubleshoot things interactively.

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Greetings from Brasil.

I have installed galaxy / postgresql on a multi-user production enviroment for my project. I’ve used a sge grid for managing our servers, since we need high processing power. I’ve dealt a bit with galaxy inner configurations. Please contact me to check if I can help you somehow, or if you prefer post here your configuration details.