Where to use Galaxy

Hi all,
I just installed galaxy in my own computer and became an admin. For my analysis, I need to install a lot of tools. So I am wondering where is the tool installed? In my own computer? My computer memory is very low now, if this is the case, will there be alternatives?

Hi @keee,
Galaxy creates a conda environment in order to install the tools (~/miniconda3/envs/_galaxy_). As alternative, I recommend you to use one of the public instances; let us know if you need to include any specific tool.



Hi @keee – I agree with @gallardoalba that your local Galaxy might not have enough storage and/or computational resources for analysis. Installing tools and indexes require storage space, your own data will require storage space, and there are administrative tasks that require configuration that may be beyond what you want to try. Once all that is done, you’ll need to allocate enough resources to run the analysis.

Public servers are one alternative. Or, you can try one of the preconfigured (or mostly preconfigured) options for using Galaxy at scale.

If you still want to go forward with administration/analysis at your own local Galaxy, the resources here are where to start. I also added some tags to your post that point to prior Q&A about admin tasks/troubleshooting.

Hope that gives you some choices :rocket:

Thank you so much for your reply. I will look into the solutions you suggested. Also, I am thinking about gettint a usb drive, like 1T, would that slove this space problem? Please not laught at me, if I am talking nonsense here. :wink:

Thank you, this really helped.