General questions regarding

I have some very basic questions regarding

  1. Can I somehow set up new tools on my own on For example MetaMaps?
  2. Can I upload large databases? (Up to more than several hundred GB)
  3. If yes, what is the entry point to set up a new tool?
  4. If no, I there any other service providing this options or do I have to set up my own machine to do this?

Thanks you!


1.+ 3. No, but you can ask the admin, for a trusted and popular tool I think you have a good chance. Admin of every instance has special interface and API to install tools.
2. Most public instances have storage quota to ensure fair use. Hundreds of GB won’t fit in most public Galaxy instances I know.
4. Setting up Galaxy is convenient (, but given the size of data you want to process and possible analyses you can run keep in mind you will need the corresponding hardware.


OK, thanks!

But, as far as I understand, the admin has to install can can not just give me permissions, right?

Yes, I am aware of the hardware needs, thanks! :slight_smile:

No, the admin will not give you permission to install anything on their hardware, you’ll have to convince us at the EU team (same for any other public instance) to install each individual tool for you and our other users.

To add one aspect to @marten’s answer: if you can convince us that a particular dataset is of real general interest, but too large in size to be uploaded under individual user accounts, we may agree to offer it as a shared data library to all users. Importing the data from such a library into your history will then not count towards your quota.


Thanks to both of you for your answers!

It seems that I will need a dedicated machine for our task, though.

Keep up the good work!