Help please: limma-voom error

Working with mouse data and could do all the steps including trimming, alignment and generation of featured counts. But when I try to get DGE using limma-voom, I get the following error. I am following the youtube video below.

An error occurred with this dataset:

format html database mm10

[1] “Extracting counts” [1] “Generating DGEList object” [1] “Generating Design” [1] “Calculating Normalisation Factors” [1] “Generating Contrasts” [1] “Generating MDS plot” Error in plotMDS.default(y, top = top, labels = labels, pch = pch, cex = cex, :

Hi @meisner
if you share the history, I (or any other person) can have a look. Maybe check the input file(s) and the job setup first. Make sure all samples have read counts, factor names and contrasts start with a letter, not a digit. Also, try this tutorial 2: RNA-seq counts to genes
It starts with a count table and limma.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards,