Help with setting range for axis on plotCorrelation

I got the following error when trying to set a range for x-axis and y-axis on plotCorrelation function (from Deeptools) on Galaxy:

plotCorrelation: error: argument --xRange: expected 2 arguments

On the plotCorrelation window it instructs to add the range as two integers separated by a space which I have placed ‘0 1500’, however it keeps returning that error.

If I leave it blank the plot works and it looks ok but not great so I wanted to change the range of x- and y-axis.

if I insert two spaces I get the same error
If I write --xRange 0 1500 I get the same error
If I write --x0 1500 I get the same error

So how do I write that the interval for x-axis should be 0 1500 – what do I insert on the box for plotCorrelation on Galaxy?