How can I gunzip a file?

Hi all - This should be really simple but I cannot find a tool to gunzip a fasta file. Could it be that there is no tool for this?

Here I go answering my own question. It seems that if you upload a fasta.gz file then you can select it where the tools expects a .fasta and it will be gunzipped ‘on the fly’…

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Yes, that’ll be the case for any tool that declares “fasta”, but not “fasta.gz” as a suitable input data type.
In such cases, Galaxy runs a so-called “converter” before the actual job to turn your selected input into the type the tool expects.
Galaxy has a good number of converters covering lots of different conversions between datatypes and the one that’s used for this specific case is the converter “Convert compressed file to uncompressed”, which is essentially gunzip.
You can run this converter manually too in one of these ways:

  1. on Galaxy instances that expose the converter tools by going into the built-in converters section at the very end of the tool bar (or use this link for the tool at directly).
  2. Click the pencil icon on your fasta.gz dataset, select the “Datatypes” tab from the central panel, then under “Convert to Datatype” select “Target datatype”: “fasta (using ‘Convert compressed file to uncompressed’)”

The latter is the usual way for individual datasets in your history, the first one is how you’d add explicit conversion steps to workflows.