From fastq.gz to fastq

I have R1 and R2 (Illumina) in fastq.gz form how to convert in fastq form, tanks for your help in advance.

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Welcome, @Ahmed_OUNI

To uncompress individual files, click on the pencil icon for a dataset (top right corner of a dataset listed in the history panel), and in the second tab “Datatypes” are options.

If the datasets are in a collection folder, you can do this in a batch.

Galaxy will expect that fastq data has the datatype fastqsanger or fastqsanger.gz. If you upload without setting the datatype, and let Galaxy “guess”, that will usually be assigned. Or, you can do this after using the same functions above if you did it differently. This guide links to more help about this, plus some related tutorials → Getting Data into Galaxy

Let us know if that helps or not and we can troubleshoot more as needed.