fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz to fastq.gz in Galaxy and FastQC

Is it possible to convert fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz to fastq.gz in Galaxy?
The data is in fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz format and was generated by the NextSeq 2000. I downloaded the data from Galaxy and want to convert fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz to fastq.gz using Galaxy. I uploaded the dataset, clicked the pencil icon, and went into the Edit Attributes “Convert” tab (Target datatype: fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz, New type: fastq.gz).
I downloaded the fastq.gz and analyzed it using FastQC (, however, I got “Failed to process: ID line didn’t start with ‘@’ at…line.”
In addition, I used the FastQC Read Quality Reads in Galaxy, and I got the same problem “failed to process file”.
I want to know what went wrong and whether the obtained fastq.gz is credible.
Thank you.

What kind of format is fastq.gz.fastsanger.gz ? I recommend first checking whether it is a gzipped file by unzipping it.

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