How to convert fastqsanger to fasta

Hello, i need my sequences in fastaq format, but when I split them (18s and 16s), galaxy gives me these in fastasanger format, and i dont know how to convert them.

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Welcome, @OSIRIS!

I’m guessing that you need FASTA format? If yes, try the tool: Convert Formats > FASTQ to FASTA converter.

If you instead need FASTQ format, the current format should be supported by the tool (if not, we would be curious about which is presenting with the input problem/rejection). Fastqsanger is a subtype of FASTQ format and, importantly, the subtype that is required by most Galaxy wrapped tools.

FAQs (with more here:

If that doesn’t help, please explain more about your goals/inputs.


Thanks jennaj, I was so happy cause I found in Galaxy a way to convert my sequences in format fastq.gz when I splitted them into 16s and 18s. But my file didn’t work; my sequences looks good in galaxy plataform (fast.gz), but winrar, winzip, 7z couldn’t open, I don’t know why :frowning: it said that my file is damage.

It sounds like the .gz compression is not compatible for some reason. Uncompress the data in Galaxy, then download it in that format. You can always compress again using Window tools after.

Use curl or wget to get larger datasets. FAQ: Downloading Data