How do I trim Poly-A tails with CutAdapt?

I recently started using Galaxy and I have been learning with the Hands-on tutorials posted.

I am trying to use CutAdapt to eliminate Poly-A tails from my single-end RNA-seq samples, but I don’t know how to give this order in the CutAdapt tool.

I have not seen this option in any of the tutorials I have revised.

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Welcome, @Coral

Hopefully you found this already … but open the Read Modification Options section on the tool form to find the Poly A/T trimming toggle.


The Cutadapt — Cutadapt 4.8 documentation is the best resource to learn about all of the options available. Once you find a flag for something you want to apply/use, you can browser-search the tool form to find where the option happens to be nested (open all sections first). Most of not all options are usually included for these core tools.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, in the end I did find the option for trimming Poly-A tails looking more carefully at every option given by the tool.
Still, thank you very much for the information provided!!

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