How to become Admin in Docker Galaxy

Hi everyone,

I am very new to Galaxy. I recently installed Galaxy through Docker (reference:

docker pull medda/cnvs_suite
This will install a complete Galaxy server, the CNV detection tools and all the required dependencies
docker run --name galaxy_cnv -d -p 8080:80 medda/cnvs_suite

I see that I need to become an admin to install tools like ExomeDepth and cnvMOPS. How do I access the galaxy.yml from Docker to add my email as an admin?

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usually the container will have a default admin account preconfigured. Check with that images documentation. You may also have to set an environment variable that configures the admins for the container.

How can I see the images documentation or environment that is in Galaxy or in the Docker? I’ve never done something like this before so I’m not sure where to start

Going to docker hub and looking up the image gave the url to the repository.
This image is based off bgruenings image:

See the documentation for that image:

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@nlin0907 have a look here

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is just more easy, login with:
user: admin
password: admin

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thank you for the link, but I’m still having some trouble understanding what I should do. The following screenshot is the only thing vaguely similar to what you showed me above. However, I can’t edit it.
Also, by logging in with user: admin and password: admin, does it save my history?