How to build a collection from files already in history

I am looking for a way to make collection from data already uploaded and loaded into history without clicking them (have a lot of data). So either using a regular expression, or on sorted data.

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You can

  • use ‘Build list’ tool, select ‘multiple datasets’ as input and select all by pressing ctrl/cmd + a
  • use API e.g. with BioBlend - a Python library for scripting and using Galaxy API
  • ‘reupload’ the data using rule based uploader - tutorial - which will give you regex and other great tool to filter data and create collections
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If your data has group specific identifiers you could use the history panel search, then select ‘all’, and form your collection.

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Great, didnt see the filtering option based on regular expression. But - by some mistakes in dataset manipulation (still learning) I have some duplicate datafiles. Is there an easy way to filter them out? Trying to find a regular expression way to select the file only once, but it didnt work for me so far. Also, the group tool doesnt work on all files in history.

Could you please de-compose your list to individual issues and describe them more?