How to format data for input to LefSe

Hi, Greeting! I am a new user of Galaxy.
Since last week, I am not able to format my data to select raw for class or subclass for Lefse. With the same data, it worked perfectly two weeks ago. Anyone could get some hints to this problem? Thanks!

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Your data appears to be in csv format (comma separated) and the tool is expecting tabular format (tab separated) for the input.

Read the tool form help to understand more about the expected input content/format.

You might need to reformat the data before uploading to Galaxy or you might be able to reformat within Galaxy (with a tool such as Convert delimiters to TAB). Note that is is just a general guideline ā€“ double check your content versus the help to confirm that any transformed data actually meets the input requirements stated to use the tool successfully.

Iā€™m not sure why this worked two weeks ago and not now. But if you want to use the tool, at this public Galaxy server (, this is the tool version available.

the problem has been solved. Yes, the file format was not corrected!

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