Question:an error in LefSe

Dear Galaxy Community
I have recently doing LefSe analysis ,now i am facing a problem.

I don’t know what this means.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi! Could you click on the little bug icon below your dataset to show the full error message, then post it here?


Agree, the full bug message will help. Also, check under the error dataset’s “View Details” page (job-details-icon) and click on the stdout and stderr links. For many tools, there will be more information about how the job failed and clues to fix the problem. Lower down on this same page is a summary of the inputs/parameters for that job run – and this condensed view can also reveal usage issues that may have been missed when reviewing the tool form itself (duplicated input datasets; nested advanced parameters).

If the bug/stdin/stdout info not enough to solve the problem or it is later determined to be a server-side issue and not usage, contact information for the public Galaxy server is on that server’s home page and also here