How to indicate update in custom tool?


I manage a custom Galaxy instance. When I do update on custom Galaxy tool, I want to signal the update to the user (indicate that a change has been made and describe it briefly). I am already using labels in tool description to indicate that an update has been made, but I am looking for a way to describe it directly in the tool. The only way I have found is by creating a empty section block at the start of the tool, but this is very limited (no text formatting for exemple).

Is there a way to integrate a banner at the top of the tool, or a specific field in the html for this purpose?

Thanks for the help.

tldr: not that I know of

In my experience users usually just want the latest, also it is not that common that admin has control over both the instance and the tool source. What I’ve seen used are the updated and new labels in the tool panel – those are fairly visible but maintaining them is a bit of a hassle since you also want to reliably remove them at some point.

Depending on how your instance is used and set up an idea could be sending a system notification to a certain group of users or instance-wide that an updated a tool is now available. See and


The notification system sounds interesting, not what I had in mind but maybe it could do the job. I will mix it up with some labels and discuss it with my users. Thanks!

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Great, good luck! It is a fairly new feature and we will appreciate any feedback you might have.