Adding a tool to Galaxy

I currently have a tool that our team has developed to help with data analysis regarding genomic and proteomic datasets. I wanted to deploy this tool using Galaxy, so is there any way that I can add it to the website? By the way, our tool is currently written in Python.

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Hi @psundara

Thanks for the clarification.

Resources for tool development:

The general idea is to:

  1. Develop a Galaxy compatible tool repository
  2. Add the tool to the ToolShed.
  3. The tool/tool suite is then available for any Galaxy server to install and use.
  4. The tool form itself can include external links to author created web resources and publications in the help section, along with summarized usage help.
  5. Consider creating a GTN tutorial for how to use the tool, or create your own documentation with a published workflow.

Once the core basics are all in place (up to the Toolshed step is the minimum), then the public Galaxy sites may choose to include it. The Tools working group can help with those details.

Hope that helps!

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