Requesting to add Cap3 tool

Hello Galaxy support team,

I have developed 3 bioinformatics workflows on the Galaxy Australia server for processing sRNAseq data from host plants for detection of viruses and viroids.

I would like to publish these workflows so that Galaxy-main users can also access these.

I tried to test my workflows on the main server and received the error that one tool is not available by default.
Therefore, I am writing to request to add the following tool to the main server.

Thank you

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Hi @ruvini_lelwala

I opened the install request here: Add cap3 2.0.0 to support a new published workflow · Issue #524 · galaxyproject/usegalaxy-tools · GitHub

It looks like both and need the tool. Please clarify in the issue ticket as needed.


Thank you @jennaj
Yes. That is correct. Both and need the tool.
I have raised a separate request with the to install additional tools required for the workflows.

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