How to link locally hosted server to domain


I am currently setting up a Galaxy server for our lab and have managed to get it up and running.

I have the server up and running and first aimed to get it running using the ‘inbuild http’ server instead of Apache or any alternative.

I have purchased a domain at GoDaddy but have no idea if there is something in the galaxy.xml I need to change to link the website I see at localhost:8080 to the domain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This task has little to do with Galaxy and everything to do with your network. You first need to configure your routers and firewalls to allow the users access to the server via IP address. This can be internally accessible only, if you desire. Once you do that you need to create an A record in your GoDaddy DNS settings with the IP address that Galaxy is accessible under.

Ahhhhhh ok, I will have to talk to our IT department about the router and firewall then, thanks so much!