HTML view in Galaxy

Dear Galaxy,

I noticed that HTML outputs from QUAST and antismash can’t be viewed in a browser (Safari or Chrome) while it works for FastQC. It might be the case for other tools, I didn’t test (e.g, MultiQC).
Could be a whitelisting issue.
It would be cool if Galaxy would manage this automatically.
Thanks for you fantastic work.

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Hi @Laurent_Falquet

Yes, those two needed to be added to the AllowList. I just did that at Please test it out. Should work on data that is already generated – but you might need to reload the browser page first.

Agree! But we like to have a person review even if sometimes these get missed. Just let us know if you run into this again. Including/confirming the server URL is super helpful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Jennaj, it works now.
I’ll keep you informed if I notice another of such cases.

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