I have a problem with my quota on the Explorer repeater.

I have a problem with my quota on the Explorer repeater.

I don’t have anything saved, but there is a “using 100%” message in the top right corner of the sreen, bolded in red. I need to use the platform to study analysis of repeating sequences fot my doctorate degree thesis, but I cannnot do it as this situations stands.

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You’ll still need to contact the administrators who run the server directly.

Galaxy Directory → RepeatExplorer - Galaxy Community Hub

Server → https://repeatexplorer-elixir.cerit-sc.cz/

See this part of the homepage →

General help for figuring out what data is contributing towards quota

See → FAQ: Quotas for datasets and histories

  • On servers that are current with the latest Galaxy releases, go to User → Preference → Storage Dashboard

  • On any server, first go to either User → Histories or Data → Histories, then use the advanced search to reveal all histories of any status.

  • Remember that data can be in three “states”: active, deleted, and permanently deleted (purged). Only purged data is removed from the quota calculation. The server will update within about 24 hrs after purging a large amount of data.

My guess is that you have data that is deleted, but not permanently deleted (purged). Also, keep in mind that the public quota for this server is much smaller than the UseGalaxy servers. You could ask them to see if that can be expanded for a temporary project when asking about the current problem.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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