The account usage quota seems incorrect

Hi! I am having the same problem in which my account is reported as using 100% of available space. I have deleted and the permanently deleted many data sets and yet there is no more available space. I have logged out and back in and waited days and yet the account doesn’t seem to be updating, is there any way my account can be updated by a member of the galaxy team?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Alysha

This updated FAQ covers all the ways to locate and manage data. Double-check and if you are still having problems, write back. >> The account usage quota seems incorrect

Should you still have problems after that review, where you are working will probably matter for more help.

Your email address at this forum is not the same as at Is that really where you are working?

If yes working at, post back confirming then I’ll send you a direct message where you can share your registered account email privately, and I’ll try resetting the quota administratively. You should not share your password: no administrator will ever need OR ask for it. Note: there are no known problems with this function, so there is almost certainly un-purged data in your account. But we can follow up. The server did just go through some updates.

If not, please clarify – the public server URL or some other configuration (local, docker, cloud: explain details such as where sourced and what version of Galaxy).


Hi! I am using galaxy with, I didn’t realise I had a few hundred files in each history which were hidden so I purged those and am fine now, thank you for all your help!

My usage has just dropped from 98% to 50%, I assume it just takes a few days sometime to process?