User Quotas Problems

I deleted all files from my account and it still appears that I am using 110.1 GB in disk space.

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Hi @Fabiano_Menegidio

Data must be permemently-deleted (purged), not just deleted in order to not count toward quota.

This post was for Galaxy Main, but the same general rules (FAQs) apply for Galaxy EU Try following the instructions in those FAQs first.

Your screenshot does not show all datasets, only active datasets. You need to check all histories under “User > History” with the “Advanced Search” there (covered in the FAQs) to find where your data is and purge it.

Note: Since you are working at Galaxy EU, we’ll need to bring in the administrator from that site if the purging/log-out/log-in cycle does not work for some reason (but it should).


cc @bjoern.gruening


I waited 5 days to see if the case was related to the Europe.EU cleaning batch. Still, I still have 100GB of described files that do not exist in my history or any user searches.

I checked the links and they don’t seem to answer the problem I see in my user.

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Hi @Fabiano_Menegidio

Let’s confirm all the data is really purged first and go forward from there.

Would you post a screenshot of your view on this page:

  • Go to User > Histories
  • Click on “Advanced Search”
  • Click the link for “status = all”

If you don’t want to post that publically, you can send me a direct message with it. Click on my “@” and you’ll see an envelope icon. If it is long, multiple screenshots are OK. That’ll help to confirm where your data is (if any). I realize that this may seem redundant since you just did that, but it is easy to miss where data is, especially if you have a large number of histories (multiple pages, etc).

Few tips:

  • If a history is in a “shared” state, it cannot be deleted or permanently deleted (purged). You need to “unshare” it first, then purge it.
  • If you are deleting/purging individual datasets, be sure to examine all datasets. Only active datasets are shown by default when reviewing a history directly. So, check both the hidden and deleted as well. You’ll find toggle links at the top of the history panel to show/hide different classes of datasets. All must be purged, not just deleted in order to not count toward quota.

Thanks and once reviewed and the data is really already purged, we can get more eyes on this from the Galaxy EU ( administrative team. There were some quota recalculation issues that impacted Galaxy Main ( related to a new Galaxy software release, and we not only fixed as the primary issue but also reran an admin quota recalculation for all users a few weeks ago, to get all quota miscalculation issues fully resolved retroactively. It is entirely possible that Galaxy EU needs some tuning if they have (or had) this problem as well.

An admin can reset quota for you (and I’m not an admin at that server, instead am an admin at – but am responsible for Galaxy application support as a whole (part of the core team out of PSU). I’m not aware of others reporting quota issues at EU – yet do know that they recently updated to the new software release, so this may be a new problem not captured yet by them (or, they could be working on a correction that is has completed yet).

Thanks, and sorry you are having a problem. We’ll get it resolved.

Following are the images concerning the histories:


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Thanks @Fabiano_Menegidio

This account does need an admin quota recalculation, if your data usage is showing up as 100 GB.

Ping @bjoern.gruening