Import qiime2 artefacts?

Hi all, i am trying to learn galaxy as i think it can be very useful. I am currently trying to use it for QIIME2.

I have my paired end sequences which are joined ( archaea practice nano) and my metadata but I have no idea how to import them in Galaxy as a QIIME2 artefact using the qiime2 tools import . There is a tutorial but that only shows you how to copy and paste the tutorial data.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Hi @Martyn

The tool author is working to improve the way the import tool functions for the QIIME2 suite when in Galaxy. Details: Lint failure for deprecated feature, need advice on the best way to transition QIIME 2 Tools

For now, you’ll need to try to match up your data with the descriptions available, or try some guesses for the others. The tool form will change when different options are selected, which can offer more clues.

It looks like you have some type of paired-end read data, in a collection (aka “directory”), along with some metadata files, so that is where I would suggest starting. It may take a few tries to see which fits best. The author’s help site may help more. Find it linked all the way down in that help section.

Maybe @ebolyen has more specific help?

Xref: TSV upload problems - #4 by jsaintvanne