Issue in SARS-COV2 Genome Assembly using SPAdes in

I am trying to run assembly of SARS-COV2 genome from data set SRR10971381. When it shows completion, I don’t get the contig fand scaffold files. It displays 0 bytes. There is a bug that needs to be fixed.
I get the log file Log File where no error spotted.

Hi @Ranjan_J_Sarma,
I reported the problem to the Galaxy sysadmins in order to update SPAdes up to version 3.15.4; probably it will fix the problem.


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Hi @Ranjan_J_Sarma

Follow @gallardoalba 's advice, and also do some QA-QC on the reads before attempting assembly again. Run FastQC on the data first and you’ll notice the problems. Example workflows are below.