Issue make.contigs 16S Microbial analysis

I am following the 16S Microbial Analysis with mothur (extended)16S Microbial Analysis with mothur (extended). I am new to this process. I seem to be having an issue when I use the make.contigs tool. It seems to run fine and produce outputs - which I can then use further down the line up to the Generate count table step where I receive an error. I notice that when I look at the groups file from the make.contigs it does not seem to be similar to what is shown in the example. I attach the example and a snip of what I see. Any help would me most appreciated, I suspect it may be obvious to someone with experience. Many thanks.


Hi @MattP
it seems you had an issue with a job at one of the previous steps. Mothur tutorials are complicated and require attention to details such as job setup (settings, input files). Maybe consider doing the tutorial again in a new history. Alternatively, check if a history with the completed tutorial available in public space, for example, in published histories, and compare the outputs in your history. You should spot the difference. However, tutorials completed some time ago might use different versions of tools, so doing it from the start might be a better option.
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