Issue with "ConvertPrositCSVToLibrary" - completes successfully but produces 0 bytes of data

When executing the tool “PrositCSV to Library” (converts a csv file format to a DLIB spectral library file) , the tool completes but the output is 0 bytes of data. I have tried it with a couple of different datasets and the issue recurs. Searching the forum did not give me any insights.
The tool takes in the input from the “FASTA to PrositCSV” tool. The inputs seem to be correct from the tool description.

Thank you

Hello again
It looks like I made a mistake. Looking further in to the documentation of EncyclopeDIA libraries, it looks like I may have to upload the output of “Fasta to PrositCSV” tool in to t Prosit to generate another PrositCSV containing the predicted retention times and it is this csv file that has to be converted to DLIB using “PrositCSV to Library” tool.
Sorry about putting out a question without reading the documentation of the tool first.
Thank you.

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