Issue with Krona pie chart tool



I am working on a metagenomics project and trying to use Krona pie chart tool to visualize my data. In recent runs, it stopped generating the chart. Instead, it began to display hypertext coding for the HTML. Is there another tool for generating a pie chart or do I need to change formatting the data (I run data generated after running Convert Kraken tool). Please let me know.


I suspect administrator of your Galaxy updated the tool but did not add the updated version to the whitelist, so the resulting html is getting sanitized for security reasons and you see it mangled.


I think that may be the issue. Tool selections indicate that some of Kraken tools have been updated, and I started having issue with Krona after the “updated” signs began to appear. I am not sure what I can do, however.


You need to contact your administrator. Which Galaxy are you using?


The problem solved! I needed to pick the most recent version of Krona to run the data. It was helpful to have someone identify the problem and lead me to the solution. Thank you so much.