Jbrowse error when I want to visualize the results of SNP

I have a problem with Jbrowse. I would like to see SNP on my sequenced genomes. I run Snippy and to visualize data I would like to use Jbrowse. I used this tutorial : https://galaxyproject.github.io/training-material/topics/visualisation/tutorials/jbrowse/tutorial.html#sequencing-coverage-and-variation
This seems to allow the analysis but when I want to see the results, this error appear :

So, I need your help…What’s wrong ?


It seems that the HTML is not rendered. Maybe JBrowse needs to be whitelisted? Can you try this on usegalaxy.eu at let us know if it works there?

Thanks for your help! It’s working on the european platform!

Have a nice day,

I am also having this same issue in the US. Are there no other solutions other than loading this in the European mirror?

This was fixed, but I guess we missed following up on this thread. I just found it so wanted to let anyone else who comes along know that it should be working now. Sorry for the trouble!