Job error from tutorial "An error occurred with this dataset"

Hi, I am new to Galaxy. Have been trying to generate heatmap of my RNA seq data. I followed the youtube tutorial and was able to upload my .txt file and run the program, but during the heatmap generation I got this error. Would appreciate any help.

Error: 11 Heat_Map_Heat_Map_name
An error occurred with this dataset:
/galaxy-central/tool-data//1904213848 Fatal error: Exit code 137 ()

Welcome, @Highlander_Yeti!

A few more details would help to troubleshoot:

  • Which tutorial are you following (share the link please)?
  • Have any other jobs been successful so far in your local Docker Galaxy (besides Upload)?
  • What is the full error message? You might find this after clicking on the bug-icon bug icon. Or, you might need to look under the job-details job details icon and click on stderr and stdout.