Job is waiting to run for over an hour


The FATSQC job has been waiting to run for a while and I am not sure why. I have added the link to my history below.



Same thing is happening for me, maybe it is something on their end.

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Same for me, I have 4 workflows in queue that seem to be stalled. Started them yesterday. Is there any way of knowing if galaxy offline? (Sorry, haven’t had this issue before.)

Same for me, both FastQC and bowtie2. Nothing has run for hours

I am experiencing the same problem. Jobs are queued up for almost 24 hours waiting to be submitted.

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The most effective strategy is to queue up analysis jobs, then to let them complete.

  • Public servers are shared resources. Jobs will run when resources become available.
  • Queue and execution time depends on the tool and how busy the server is.
  • Please avoid deleting and rerunning jobs in hopes that they will run quicker. It has the opposite result: the new job is added back at the end of the queue extending wait time.
  • A wait of a few hours to a few days can be normal for computationally expensive tools.
  • :rocket: Tool forms and workflows include options to send yourself notifications by email.

Dataset Collections and Workflows are worth learning about.

  • Most Galaxy Training Network (GTN) tutorials include at least one associated Workflow to get your started.

  • Not sure how to use, create, import, or customize Collections and Workflows?

    Using Galaxy and Managing your Data

    A collection of microtutorials explaining various features of the Galaxy user interface and manipulating data within Galaxy.