Lumpy preprocessing: empty output

Dear usegalaxy team,

The Lumpy preprocessing tool runs successfully, but generate three empty datasets. I think these lines from the standard error might explain the issue. Could you please, check?
Thank you!

History API ID aab52abe370e60be
Job API ID: 11ac94870d0bb33a9add9e5560333e8c

samblaster: Version 0.1.26
samblaster: Inputting from stdin
samblaster: Outputting to stdout
[E::bgzf_flush] File write failed (wrong size)
samtools collate: Couldn't write to intermediate file "/tmp/collate23496a.0010.bam": 
No space left on device

Hi @BorisRJ,
the Galaxy server had an issue that caused that problem. Could you try again?