MaxQuant Visualization Error


I’m trying to visualize the ms/ms spectra of my sample but there is an error that says “could not find the file”. I did not change the place of the file. How can I fix it?

Thank you.

Welcome, @Oyku_Su

Agree that is odd. Let’s investigate and hopefully come up with a solution.

Please post more details so we can help. A link to a shared history is probably best for this, not just the contents of the job information view (“i” icon). Why? Maybe one of the input datasets is in a weird state.

If your history is large, consider copying the just the inputs involved into a new history, then rerunning the job in there. That isolates the problem space, plus a rerun can eliminate some transient cluster failure from being the root problem. Copies of data in your own account do not consume quota space so this has no downside.