Meganization of DIAMOND files on Galaxy Europe running for more than a week

I am using the tool ‘MEGAN: meganize a DIAMOND file’ to meganize two DIAMOND (.daa) files that I have uploaded on the server. One of the files is 40 GB and the other one is 47.9 GB. The job was submitted on 9th November 2022 and it is 15th November 2022 today. It has been running for a week. Is there anyway to find out how much longer it will run for? Or can we speed up the process?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Ishraq

Jobs process on the public services as resources become available. There is no way to speed this up. The most effective strategies involve getting jobs in the queue as soon as possible – and the best way to achieve that is to use workflows to execute tools in a series without manual intervention.

The job was probably originally queued for a while (gray), then it started executing (yellow). Never interrupt a queued or executing job unless you already know that there is a content problem and it needs a rerun anyway, as any rerun starts the whole process over again. #understanding-job-statuses

Sometimes the EU team has more information about specific cluster “business”. Feel free to join the chat here usegalaxy-eu/Lobby - Gitter

Thank you @jennaj

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