Metagenomics analysis on PacBio sequenced data

We have WGS PacBio sequenced data of environmental samples. As the data is huge, we don’t have any high spec machine to analyse it. Therefore, we thought we should try the Galaxy platform. Is there any specific tool in Galaxy that can do the assembly of PacBio WGS metagenomic reads? Or any other online tool / pipeline that may do it?
Looking for kind suggestions and help. Any leads?


Yes, there is at least Flye. Find this and tools under the “Assembly” tool group at any of the UseGalaxy.* servers.

Full options

  1. Find publications that cover analysis methods you’d like to follow, use comparable tools that Galaxy hosts, and create a workflow for batch analysis.

  2. Review public Galaxy servers that have an analysis domain focus on Metagenomics. Search here: Galaxy Platform Directory: Servers, Clouds, and Deployable Resources - Galaxy Community Hub

  3. Adapt the methods in our tutorials here

Metagenomics topic

PacBio search – the first currently listed covers assembly

Hope that helps to get your started. Please ask a new question if you need more help with any specific tool.

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