MetaSPAdes genome assembly (shotgun metagenome singleend)

Hi friends, Metagenomic single end raw data with cut adapt
‘Maximum error rate 0.3’
Match times: 1
Minimum overlap length:3
minimum lenght: 15
Max N: 0.3
Max expected errors: 30 parameters.
Then I aligned the host genome with gallus gallus with BBmap tool. I want to Assembly unmapped read. However, MetaSPAdes gives the following error code.

input 1: single end unmapped aligned ’ |K-mer size values|21,33,55,77|
|Set Phred quality offset|64 (Illumina)|’

Output 1Error: Command line: /usr/local/bin/ -o /jetstream2/scratch/main/jobs/54212037/working/output -t 16 -m 58 --pe-12 1 /jetstream2/scratch/main/jobs/54212037/working/reads1/Cutadapt_on_data_657:_Read_1_Output.fastq --pe-or 1 fr -k 21,33,55,77 --phred-

input 2: single end unmapped aligned ’ |K-mer size values|Auto|
|Set Phred quality offset|64 (Illumina)|’

Output 2 Error Command line: /usr/local/bin/ -o /jetstream2/scratch/main/jobs/54237235/working/output -t 16 -m 58 --pe-12 1 /jetstream2/scratch/main/jobs/54237235/working/reads1/BBTools:BBMap_on_data_226_and_data_197(unmapped_reads)_(as_FASTQ).fastq --pe

How can I solve this situation?

Hi @Busrak

This tool only assembles pairs. Let’s merge with your other question. MetaSPAdes shotgun paired end genome assembly