MITOS for annotating tRNA

MITOS in the Galaxy doesn’t work as well as previous ones. The comments on tRNA are not as detailed and fast as before. Whether previous versions can be used to annotate tRNA?

What versions are you comparing?

I compared it to this version.

Sorry but that makes no sense to me. If you want help try harder to specify what versions of what tools are you using where and what is the expected outcome.

Sorry, I just found my problem, thank you for your timely reply, and sorry to bother you.

Hello! I met a problem when I used the MITOS for annotating RNA. How do I modify the results correctly when I use mitos2 on the Galaxy platform to annotate the mitochondrial genome? Some of the genes automatically calculated by the Galaxy platform are incorrect.

Hi @Liulu – let’s follow up on your new question here How to modify the result of mitos2?

Next time, it is best to post just once. We’ll see it :slight_smile: Moderators can split out the question if needed.