My Galaxy account has been deleted!


I have been using (the main browser) since a few months and when I tried to log in today, it shows "This account has been marked deleted, contact your local Galaxy administrator to restore the account. Contact:"

I really need my galaxy account as I have a lot of important data on it. I’m sure this is a mistake. Kindly recover/ restore my account as soon as possible.

My email address on Galaxy:

Awaiting your reply.

This was probably not a mistake. I recommend reading through Accounts deleted from Galaxy Main to enforce posted Terms and Conditions


After reading the terms and conditions,
I am now aware that only one Galaxy account is allowed per user, I understand the terms of usage and will not violate it. I will stick to using only one account on Galaxy.

As I read that Only one account will ever be restored, I would very much like to restore my Galaxy account with email address (admin-redacted).

As I have important data running on that account and cannot afford losing the data. I have already mailed the same. Can you please help me restore my account on Galaxy as soon as possible? I really need the Galaxy tools to finish my thesis.

Please stop posting over and over. Review your email reply and we can follow up there.