My work has been waiting to run for more than 24 hours

My work has been waiting to run for more than 24 hours.

This is my work history :

I submitted at the long_slow_queue.Does anyone else have the same problem?

Welcome, @yihan11235

That server has an email contact for support help. This is true for some tools, but especially for help that requires administrative feedback.

See this topic or you can check the website itself (or possibly your registration emails).

Or maybe @zsalvet can help more here. Remember that there are time differences, so a reply may take a day or so here. Thanks!

In general, a wait is expected at any server. Behind the websites, jobs are routed to computational clusters. When resources free up from processing existing work, your new jobs will run. When busy, that can mean a wait of a few days, and that is totally normal. Later on you can use workflows to queue everything up at once, set a notification, then come back to explore the results. :slight_smile: