Long waits at FASTP?

Last night FASTP worked. Today, I have waited over 12hrs and jobs are waiting to be processed. I see systems are working but cannot see where I am in the Q. Is there a way to see how much longer (or how many jobs are ahead of mine)? I am concerned reading all these old posts about days to get results after experiencing such great service last night. Thanks for the update!

Just reporting no change in status. Waited over 24hrs now. When can I expect FASTP to work again? Thanks.

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Hi @Laura_Harris

As you probably have read already, jobs can queue up to a few days. The primary factors involved are the type of tool (different tools are routed to different compute resources), how many other jobs the server is running overall, and how many jobs you yourself are running concurrently. Some of your jobs run, some of other people’s jobs run, then more of yours, repeat.

That said, sometimes there are hiccups. We are reviewing right now and will post back updates to this thread. Meanwhile, the best advice to leave queued jobs queued.

Sometimes examples help. If you want to post back a share link to your history, I’ll take a direct look.

Just wanted to report the same issue with trimmomatic and bowtie2, runs gueued for more than 12h already

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There were some server side delays over the weekend, and we’ve made an adjustment.

Delayed jobs should start processing and clearing the queue shortly. Leave the original jobs queued for fastest processing as new jobs always enter at the back of the public queue.

Trying at least one rerun for any failure is recommended, in general but also for this case. The service processes thousands of jobs an hour across many different public academic clusters! :slight_smile: Some small fraction can fail for reasons beyond our control. Persistent errors likely indicate an input problem, and if you cannot spot how to fix it, please ask a new question and we can try to help more.

Thanks to everyone for reporting the delays!